TRACK AgTech stories will give the virtual floor to 7 SMEs from 5 countries over the course of 5 weeks from June 19th to tell us about their digital solutions for agrifood challenges. These 7 SMEs were selected in the autumn of 2019 to receive support to accelerate their solutions. After 8 months, we will ask them
how far they have come and their feedback on the support received.
From Decision Support System for irrigation and harvest management to the first hybrid robot for agriculture or drone-enabled harvest monitoring, we are delighted to introduce these innovations that can help our producers be more competitive.

First one to take the floor, Zuffellato, a company based in Ferrara, which works in the food and agri-food sector since 1999. Their management solution (called Track) complies with the provisions of European Community legislation for tracking and tracing to ensure quality and safety of the food supply. Adopted by many operators in the processing and marketing of food products, the Track DSS allows to manage the entire flow of information, since the arrival of the goods to its marketing, going through all the stages of
An innovation in the Track DSS portfolio of solutions, “COLDTRACK” is a system that provide a full management of the food supply chain, with a real-time temperature delivery, capturing data where and when it happens and link information back to a cloud based platform which gather and analyse product
data at every step of the process that can be easily retrieved for safety, security and quality assurance reviews and recall situations. In addition, a free application for smartphones make relevant information available in a simple and friendly format for end consumers, a group often forgotten by current solutions
in the market.
After the interview with the Zuffellato, we will reserve time for questions and answers.
We look forward to hosting you!

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